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Societal challenges & scientific developments

Research Cluster

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences contributes in research and teaching to the shaping of a future inclusive society. It focuses its research on the individual needs, resources and competencies of people with disabilities, with impairments and/or in social disadvantage. It has bundled current societal challenges and scientific developments into three research clusters. In the clusters, scientists conduct research in joint projects independently of their respective fields of expertise.

Logo of the b-ink research cluster

The research cluster b-ink is concerned with the development, evaluation, and implementation of theoretically and empirically sound approaches to the individual support of learners in heterogeneous learning groups.

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Logo des Forschungsclusters AIG

The research cluster AIG deals with the participation of people with impairments, disabilities or social disadvantages in education and work in the sense of prevention and participation research in three research lines.

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Logo des Forschungsclusters TIP

The research cluster TIP focuses on the use of modern technologies to promote inclusion and participation of people with impairments and in social disadvantage.

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